Cellucor C4 50x

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C4 50x


товары в наличии в нашем розничном магазине и готовы для доставки:

45 порций (405 г)Вкус: Fruit Punch / Фруктовый Пунш 2230
45 порций (405 г)Вкус: Icy Blue Razz / Ледяная Голубая Малина 2230

Judging from the picture, you indeed do get 50% more beta alanine, creatine nitrate, and AAKG. To top it off, pterostilbene (a caffeine enhancer) has been added on TOP of the Teacor theacrine! We’re also guessing the caffeine’s even higher, but it doesn’t stay how much.

No doubt, this product is going to have some zing in it. Not many companies are putting htis much beta alanine in one serving, that’s for sure.

 C4 50X looks to be Cellucor’s newstim-heavy pre-workout, meant to go head-to-head with the biggest boys in the yard like Mr. Hyde and Nitramine.

50% more explosive?

We know it’s coming sometime in 2015, probably in the first quarter somewhere, but beyond that details are scarce. We do know that it’s going to be centered on a new proprietary formula called Xcelicor, but as to what’s actually IN it, your guess is as good as anyone’s right now.

Cellucor’s current pre-workout, C4 Extreme, is already extremely popular, but has “lost its steam” in terms of potency. Cellucor stepped it up in the new C4 formula, adding Theacrine and 15mg more caffeine (for a total of 150), but we’re not sure where they go from there for C4 50X.